Wholesale sales

Wholesale sales

We invite owners of headwear, clothing, accessories stores and managers of retail store chain for cooperation.


There is a custom tailored approach in our company. «Miks» managers provide comfortable working conditions.


You can get all our information in our website. After signing up on our website you can see all prices, special offers and bonus programs, moreover you can place your order and buy goods through the Internet shop.


Common wholesale price is one of «Miks» advantages. It doesn’t matter where you get goods ( in Omsk, through the Internet, in Moscow or in our regional representatives) the price will be always the same. Our manufacture and central warehouse are situated in Omsk. «Miks» wholesale centre is in Moscow in the wholesale market «Yuzhnie vorota».



Business terms and conditions:

Dispatch by the gross and shipping less than carload are provided.


The wholesale order for headwear and palantines starts from 30 items ( the size run and colors aren’t taken into consideration).


There is a discount price list for our customers:

30-99 items - base price
100-499 items - discount 8% from the base price
500-999 items - discount 16 % from the base price
from 1000 items - discount 24% from the base price


Minimum payment for ordering shoes – 10 000 rubles. Shoes are shipped according to size run (6 pairs or 12 pairs or even more if it is divided into 2)

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